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fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona

the festival    from July 6th to 19th, 2018

A big hit since its inception, the Jaume Isern Mataró-Barcelona International Organ Festival year now arrives at its seventh year. This event seeks to contribute to the singular character of the city of Mataró, embracing its history, culture and artistic heritage. One example, the organ of the Basilica of Santa Maria, is especially important, being unique in Catalonia. When built, it was the finest quality Catalan romantic organ and is currently the largest historic organ in Catalonia. Only a city as vibrant and prosperous as Mataró in the 1920s could afford the most sophisticated Catalan-made musical instrument to come out of the workshops of Barcelona. And today it continues to preside over the entrance to the ancient Basilica of Santa Maria, reminding us that Mataró has the capacity to be a thriving industrial power.

What makes the Festival of Mataró a special event, one of a kind in the world, are its large-format, quality concerts and, above all, a relationship with an audience that has made the Festival its own. No one is a stranger among the thousands of people who pack Santa Maria for the inaugural concert, and thanks to the support of m1tv, who offer web streaming, the audience grows with each passing year.

The organ of Santa Maria is the centrepiece of the Festival. The basilica will host four concerts by renowned musicians. The opening concert is a recital with an unusual formation: three organists performing together. There will also be a competition in which the audience votes for its favourite organist and awards a very special prize. The Santa Maria concerts can also be seen projected on a giant screen, and the final concert will feature a professional light show. In addition to visits to the organ of St. Mary, the Church of the Convent of the Carmelites will host a concert for organ, soprano and trumpet and the Basilica of Santa Maria will again celebrate a Mass with the students of the International Academy interpreting verses to the organ that they will alternate with the songs of the Gregorian choirs formed in the workshop, which this year also returns to be celebrated and to which all are invited, musicians and non-musicians.

With this programme we hope to give everyone, the people of Mataró and visitors, the chance to experience all the beauty and power of the biggest historic organ in Catalonia.

Raúl Prieto Ramírez, artistic director

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Concerts stages:

Basílica de Santa Maria (Plaça de Santa Maria, s/n)
Teatre Monumental (C/ La Riera, 169)
Església del Monestir de Les Carmelites de Mataró (Av. Torner, 63)

Venda d'entrades anticipades i recollida d'invitacions:

A les oficines de Cultura (C. de Sant Josep, 9)
de dl a dv de 9 a 14 h i de dc a dv de 18 a 20 h
o al web
Des d’una hora abans a l’espai del concert

Culture Mataró:
c/ de Sant Josep, 9 · Tel. 93 758 23 61

Tourism Office:
c/ La Riera, 48 · Tel. 93 758 26 98
July schedule:
monday to sunday from 10 to 13 h and from 17 to 19 h

Twitter: @culturamataro #fiorgue
Facebook: Cultura Mataró

Visit Mataró:   Mataró is a city located on the Mediterranean coast, 29 km north of the capital city of Barcelona. Mataró is a Mediterranean city,
active and under transformation, engaged in new technologies and faithful to its culture and history. More:

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