fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona

the festival    from July 1st to 18th, 2017

At the time when Mataró was a world power in industry and innovation, the city was home to a number of advances, including the first railway line in the Iberian Peninsula, large industrial textile complexes, and the largest and most sophisticated musical instrument ever come out of a Catalan workshop. Of all these inventions, the latter is the only one still in operation (though in need of urgent restoration), in the upper choir of the Basilica of Santa Maria, testifying to a not-so-distant golden age and reminding all the people of Mataró that our city has the potential and ability to be whatever it desires to be.

Promoting the monumental organ of Santa Maria, raising awareness of it, opening multiple accesses between it and the city – that's a job I've been undertaking happily for years, and in which the City of Mataró, in collaboration with different organizations, provides invaluable support with the hosting of this international festival. This event bears the stamp of the unique history of Mataró: filled with unique and daring proposals, breaking with all the stereotypes surrounding the organ and classical music, attracting people of all ages in numbers unimaginable for similar events in other cities around the world.

It is definitely a festival that was born with the townspeople in mind, created with an unmistakable desire to serve the public, to share our passion for music and culture, making it accessible and above all enjoyable. And the result of putting the public at the centre of this festival is that the public has embraced the festival as its own, attending en masse each event, to the point of creating an international reputation for the warmth of its welcome and the extraordinary energy that is created at each concert.

For the first time the International Academy which runs concurrently with the Festival has reached its quota, with students from China, the US, Russia, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Singapore, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, France and elsewhere. And wherever I am invited to give concerts, the organizers apologize when they fail to attract the sort of attendance that Mataró has spoiled me with, in view of the videos and photos shared on social networks. We are now a point of reference, still in our early years, but established. And we hope that serious, meticulous efforts over the coming years will make our festival a powerful tool to give our beloved capital of the Maresme character and allure.

As an artist, this has been my commitment to the city of Mataró and its people, and as an artist nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the spectacular Organ concerts that I offer every July; spectacular not in terms of my performance, but in terms of your welcome.

Raúl Prieto Ramírez, artistic director

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Concerts stages:

Basílica de Santa Maria (Plaça de Santa Maria, s/n)
Teatre Monumental (C/ La Riera, 169)
Església del Monestir de Les Carmelites de Mataró (Av. Torner, 63)

Venda d'entrades anticipades i recollida d'invitacions:

A les oficines de Cultura (C. de Sant Josep, 9)
de dl a dv de 9 a 14 h i de dc a dv de 18 a 20 h
o al web
Des d’una hora abans a l’espai del concert

Culture Mataró:
c/ de Sant Josep, 9 · Tel. 93 758 23 61

Tourism Office:
c/ La Riera, 48 · Tel. 93 758 26 98
July schedule:
monday to sunday from 10 to 13 h and from 17 to 19 h

twitter @culturamataro #fiorgue

Visit Mataró:   Mataró is a city located on the Mediterranean coast, 29 km north of the capital city of Barcelona. Mataró is a Mediterranean city,
active and under transformation, engaged in new technologies and faithful to its culture and history. More:

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