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fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona
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Six years now since the Jaume lsern memorial lnternational Organ Festival Mataró-Barcelona emerged from my annual concert in the coast city of Barcelona: Mataró; and this Festival is already consolidated as a must for any music lover, attracting several thousands of people to its events which get even broadcasted life on TV for the whole Region.

As part of the main Festival, an lnternational Summer Organ Academy was created in order to make Mataró, and the bigger historie organ in Catalonia Region, to become a center where students from different countries and schools could share their ideas and knowledge with new friends, and teachers from several generations, with very different ideas and approaches to the main musical challenges.

By combining music, study, knowledge, concerts, seminars, but also its extraordinary weather, the city life, arts and natural surroundings, the Sixth lnternational Summer Organ Academy Mataró-Barcelona pretends to be an experience that audiences, students and performers will never forget.
fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona
fiorgue · International Festival of Organ Mataró Barcelona
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